Apple store all your email metadata for years on their servers (2018)

There won’t be a Goddamn creator economy if we don’t invest directly in creators

AI Takeovers in Popular Culture

Human rights advocates decry Apple, Google decision to pull Navalny app

Basic Computer Games

Sinking of the Rainbow Warrior (1985)

How to Perform an Evil Twin Attack with Airgeddon

The Bagel Language

“To what extent is defense spending about enabling upward redistr. of wealth?”

New Managed Prometheus

DOS Subsystem for Linux

Waterloo mourns the loss of Dean Pearl Sullivan (2020)

Open Sourcing Metaflow, Netflix's Machine Learning Platform

Twitter locked my account (again) for an obvious joke

The Endless Facebook Apology

Why Covid-19 immunity passports may violate US law (2020)

Feds charge 138 w $1.4B fraud involving telemedicine, Covid, opioids

Travel into Melbourne blocked as police prepare for anti-lockdown protesters

Gezira – Fast Graphics in OMeta/Squeak (2012) (YouTube)

AI, ML, DL is going to lead us into the 4th industrial revolution, check how


Static Analysis at GitHub

US will reportedly impose crypto sanctions amid ransomware attacks

Sorry, Anti-Vaxxer

Cool happenings in Fedora Workstation land

Microsoft Azure says customers must fix critical “OMIGOD” backdoor themselves

The Future of Graphics: Mesh Shaders, Ray Tracing and Vulkan

Our newest building block is here: Monday workdocs

How to go to sleep when you are feeling anxious

China's House of Cards: Evergrande Threatens Wider Real Estate Market

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